Town Government And Economic Revitalization

Move DPW from North and end getting water from Crystal Lake and build up businesses in those areas.
Re-vitalize downtown area, North Ave, and Greenwood.
Create re-vitalization committee, use a private firm.
Ensure signage conformity throughout entire town.
Ensure all signs are working and appropriate for a small town atmosphere.
Change charter to city model with mayor.
Have all town managers meet to discuss best practices within department.
Stick to town long range plan/strategy.
Have an outside accounting firm do a town wide audit on every department.
Find re-vitalization grants and use them.
Ask leaders of surrounding communities on how to revitalize.
Have joint Selectmen meetings with other towns as the School Committee already does.
Create a parking plan, or parking liaison to figure out the parking problem in town.
Build a parking garage. (Note: Behind Alano, at Kytron building, or in front of Bank of America).
Create a niche to attract certain stores, or attract upscale ‘walk-around’ stores. (Note: PR for movies, sponsorships for outdoor trails, or antiques)
Interview business owners in other towns.
Lower debt and investment rates with local banks, either by moving to another bank or negotiating with the current bank.
Create on street parking near Honey Dew Doughnuts.
Set up a major bed & breakfast in Wakefield.
Make Main St. and Common Street 1 way streets.
Sell unbuildable strips of land to abutters.
Have the Selectmen set up a Business Liaison similar to the School Committee.
Have a business only forum.
Overhaul the chamber of commerce or create a new business alliance.
Get a bin at Shaw’s to collect receipts, Shaw’s will donate 1% of the receipt to a non-profit.

Pass advertising policy presented at Selectmen’s meeting.
Sell naming rights of all fields in town.
Sell Wakefield bumper stickers.
Sell a Wakefield-opoly.
Advertisements on all municipal websites.
Charge businesses to advertise on trash and recycle bins.
Advertise to outdoor enthusiasts and businesses to move to Wakefield.
Sell light department advertisements.

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