Boosting Wakefield's Revenue

Ready…Set…Action (teams)

Fundraising and Miscellaneous

This ambitious group is looking into how to improve the quality of life in Wakefield while increasing much needed revenues for the town. By improving the way we use our greatest resources; our residents, our lakes, and our property, the fundraising team has already embarked on several projects. Whether large or small each project will create income, stimulate our neighborhoods, and make Wakefield a better place to live

Town Government and Economic Revitalization

There is no reason Wakefield cannot be another Portsmouth NH, Rockport Ma., Newburyport Ma., or even better. While our neighbors in Lynnfield, Reading, Melrose, and Stoneham are revitalizing their downtown, Wakefield has been surprisingly stagnant at the same time Wakefield has greater natural resources than all these cities. This group will try to find out why and do everything it can to turn this around. From bringing in new business to investigating new forms of government Wakefield’s economic future may depend on this group

Energy Conservation " Green"

The green team is looking into eco-friendly ways to create a better life in Wakefield. By conserving energy, recycling more, and wasting less Wakefield could save thousands of dollars. This money could be invested into our schools, public works, safety, and even given back to the taxpayers of Wakefield.

Fees & Taxes

Is it fair that some groups in this town are paying almost $1,000 a year in fees, while others aren’t? Taxes and fees are always a last resort, but sometimes they are necessary to improve a government function. Other times they are a waste and being mismanaged. This group will do two things: Make sure your not paying too much for a service and see if we can allocate resources in a better way to increase quality of service.

Financial Review and Streamlining In efficiencies

While raising revenue is important so is saving money. By looking into every government function and reviewing old ideas, this group is ensuring that every possible solution to save money, no matter how controversial is studied and possibly implemented. Money saved is money that can be used to create a better quality of life for all residents

More to come as the project is defined.

Economic Development Master Plan

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