Fundraising And Miscellaneous

Fundraising & Grants
Look at various corporate programs such as: FIRST out of NH, Lego, Roboliss.
Look at various corporate grants.
Use UPromise to generate specific fundraising revenue for the schools.
Ensure “GoodSearch” is being use by all residents and on all computers in town government.
Have seasonal school fundraisers where residents could purchase objects they would normally buy from the schools or have all local businesses donate a percentage to a municipal effort or charity.
Ensure schools and groups are not competing for funds using the same fundraising method, approach, or event.
Created a suggested donation box at municipal buildings.
Have the library create a adopt a book program.
Hold all school events in one or two buildings.
Hire a grant writer. (Note: Share a grant writer with other communities or pay them based on percentage of what is made off the grants)
Personalized fundraising websites for every teacher.

Fundraising Events
Create farmer’s market on the common.
Create a community garden.
Create an annual or regular antique fair.
Create a pumpkin festival.
Have seasonal fundraisers like: 5ks, golf tournaments, celebrity basketball games, etc.
Town wide yearly yard sales.
Allow paid weddings on the common.
Weekly paid movie nights at the Americal, Galvin, or on Common during the summer.

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Have walking tours of Wakefield.
Create some sort of thrift store.
Create a 50/50 town wide lottery.
Create a annual or bi-annual car show in Wakefield parking garages.
Work more closely with CSF and WEF.

Establish full day kindergarten.
Change scheduling at high school to traditional schedule.
Examine human resources throughout town to be more efficient.
Create a merit pay system.
End level funding of all town departments, ending all pre-conceived notions of planning a budget, and place importance on certain departments.
Ensure no automation is taking place within departments.
Canoe, gondolas, and boat rentals at Lake Quanapowitt and possibly Crystal Lake.
Have town employees pay more for health insurance.
Negotiate discounted prices ahead of time from various vendors.
Examine the METCO program to reduce inefficiencies.
Develop a building where the arts can flourish, a cultural arts center.
Run Greenwood Fire Department on Part Time Schedule
Put coffee shop into library.
Adopt a classroom by businesses.
Teacher websites for each class.
Ensure all town wide and school papers and memos are double sided.
Charge a fee for CPR and AED classes at police station.

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