Financial Review And Streamlining Inefficiencies

Review and implement all recommendations of the Financial Review Committee (Note: Some items in this category may also be part of the Financial Review Committee’s recommendations).
Privatize all custodial positions throughout town.
Consolidating school psychologists under the guidance department.
Eliminating special education district supervisor.
Privatization study on all applicable town departments.
Combine tax collector and treasurer.
Outsource all IT.
Consolidate personnel and payroll departments throughout town.
Review sharing services with other communities.
Share animal control services throughout local communities.
Regionalize all appropriate departments with willing communities.
Create police reserves or auxiliary.
Create fire volunteers.
Find alternative to police details.
Privatize DPW.
Cut down on snow plowing throughout town. Do not snow plow sidewalks.
Consolidate fire and police dispatch. (Note look into citizen volunteer).
Regionalize Special Education.
Ensure school busing is only for students that need it.
Consolidate buying power in town to one person or unit.
Streamline business permit process.
Utilize college students as interns in administrative roles around town.
Consolidate Town Accountant and School Accountant
Privatize Trash
Privatize Town Accounting

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