Fees Taxes

Increase building permit fees or make them percentage based rather than a flat rate
Create a standard pricing guide for rental fees of all fields in town, for any and all groups interested in using them.
Charge fees for the Senior Center and their services.
Increase all town wide fees for all municipal services.
Create fee for all library rentals.
Charge fee for use of Lake Common.
Charge fee for student parking.
Charge fee for parking around lake, various parking lots around lake, or certain downtown areas. (Parking meters: note to look into more cost effective solar powered meters)
Implement a trash fee.
Implement a non-recycling trash fee for all families that do not recycle.
Charge an ‘Education Fee’ and have every parent pay per child in the Wakefield School System.
Charge fee or toll for use of the lake.
Charge fee to all businesses who do not maintain proper signage.
Reduce parking fee at Greenwood Station to encourage use.
Increase fee for dog licenses.
Ensure all current fees, such as parking tickets, are being distributed at a timely manner.
Have yearly leaf pick and waste pick up rather than permit or force every resident to have a pit permit.
Stop paying fee for vocational school.
Use Planning Board’s “I and I” fee for all aspects of the budget not just DPW.
Charge a technology fee for every student at every school.

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Override (Note: Ensure that all town board’s endorse, Board of Selectmen should take the lead)
Tax deductible contributions for schools.
Have a budget by budget override vote.
Allow citizens to pay taxes in advance, up to 3 years.
Force the state to have a internet sales tax, increase the regular sales tax, a meals tax, and a simplification and review of the Ch. 70 formula.
Move existing debt onto a debt exclusion.
Have a debt exclusion for new capital wanted and old capital.
Implement the Community Preservation Act
Have water and all other bills be paid monthly so that town can invest and gain interest sooner.

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