Energy Conservation Green

Energy Conservation and Environmentally Friendly Ideas:

Recycling & Reduce waste "Cash for trash"

Town Recycling Survey

live survey results

Cash for trash

Wakefield DPW Recycling Info


Drop-Off Centre

Ensure recycling bins are placed and taking place in all major business junctions.
including all condos / apartment buildings.
Set up recycling as a town wide, money making position. (Position paper furnished upon request).

Provide recycle bins on all public parks.
Cost efficiencies from labor savings, fuel cost and have recycling add on, (recycling revenue)
Ensure major recycling of all items is occurring in all the schools. cell phone recycling

other ideas to reduce waste

Compost Bins

Offering compost bins to its residents

green restaurants

] restaurants take steps in green direction] green restaurant guide]

Offers rain barrel water
Residents rain barrels as a way to conserve water and help the environment

Recycling Food Scraps

Solar, Wind power & green

Solar Panels on public buildings.
Porter Square Shopping Plaza Goes Solar

Windmills in various areas of town. (By Crystal Lake or Behind Landrigan Field (2 of them).

state to launch 68m solar panel program
Babson Wind Turbine Groundbreaking

Encourage major “green” companies to move to Wakefield.

  1. NEXUS
  2. Green depot

Form “green” advisory group. Wakefield Climate Action Project

Make all public vehicles hybrid/electric cars.

Town Lighting

Turn off holiday lights earlier in the year.

Turn off holiday lights earlier in the day, and turn off every other street lighting

Shut off every other municipal light early in the day.

Shut off field lights when not in use. Ensure they are shut off at all times appropriate.

it takes a town

Other items

Have town employees pay for a portion of gas used in public vehicles.

Have more police officers and like town employees on bikes rather than cars.
Should improve the path around the lake and create bike lanes
Create a hybrid-electric trolley to run through the town.

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