Drop off Centre Research

What can we do to Waste Reduction in Wakefield ? One idea is to have Drop off centre

recycling materials are too good to wasted We are just paying to throw them in land fill

how much dose that cost about $ per ton or every about every three garbage barrel

recycling centre can include residents and businesses/non-profits

recycling program

CFL Mercury Program
Commingles (cans/bottles)
Ink Cartridge Recycling Program
Metal containers
Plastic Bags
Wood Waste Processing Services

Back ground research

Construction of a new recycling facility was completed in December 1997 and includes a baler for recycled paper, cardboard and plastics. The benefits of the new facility include cost savings and revenue enhancement

Wellesley's Recycling and Disposal Facility invites all Wellesley businesses to bring their recyclable products to the facility. Diverting recyclable material out of the waste stream will reduce your waste disposal costs and save natural resources. The RDF staff is available to help you establish a recycling program

RDF Survey Results
We would like to thank everyone who completed the RDF Recycling Survey that was included in our Winter newsletter. We received over 1,200 responses and your feedback is very valuable in helping us improve our recycling and disposal operations.
The top two suggestions from the survey were to provide recycling bins and a recycling guide. Recycling bins are now available at the RDF office for $5 each and we plan to distribute a recycling guide in the spring of 2006.
We have created two reports summarizing answers to the survey questions. Please contact us if you have any questions about the survey or if you have suggestions or comments about recycling at the RDF.


Brookline, MA

Cambridge, MA
Cambridge drop off centre map

Framingham, MA
Universal Waste Materials and Mercury Program

Fairhaven, MA

Lawrence, MA

Maynard, MA

Needham, MA

North Andover
North Andover, MA

Sterling, MA

Wellesely, MA
Wellesely drop off centre map

Worcester, MA

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